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Real Examples of Abusive Phone Calls

  1. Debt collector suggests suicide to a person who doesn’t even owe debt.
    (click here to play)

  2. Debt collector threatening to call relatives and neighbors.
    (click here to play)

  3. Debt collector refusing to stop calling emotionally distraught consumer.
    (click here to play)

  4. Debt collector abusing person who doesn’t even owe debt.
    (click here to play)

  5. Debt collector falsely implying she is a judge.
    (click here to play)

  6. Debt collector trying to convince 3rd party that she is responsible for debt.
    (click here to play)

  7. Debt collector abusing person that doesn’t even owe the debt.
    (click here to play)

  8. Debt collector threatens to take social security from woman who knows nothing about the debt.
    (click here to play)


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